We are located at:
Perry Hall Swim Club
4100 Cliffvale Road
 Nottingham, MD 21236


Perry Hall Swim Club! 
Welcome to PHSC!

Club rules are updated annually. Please get an updated copy of our rules at the pool office and review it with your family.

* All children under the age of fourteen (14) must be accompanied by a responsible person (14 years or older) at all times. Children of all ages must abide by the pool rules and follow the instructions of the Lifeguard and Pool Manager. The Pool Manager, in his/her discretion, may require a parent to accompany a child if the child misbehaves.

* Children that are not potty-trained must be in swim diapers. If you forget your swim diapers, you can purchase spares at the pool office for $1 each.

* ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS CONTAINERS OR BOTTLES ARE PERMITTED ON THE POOL GROUNDS AT ANY TIME. THIS INCLUDES SOFT DRINKS, CONDIMENTS, BABY FOODS, ETC. VIOLATORS WILL BE SUBJECT TO PAY FOR ANY DAMAGES CAUSED TO THE POOL GROUNDS. Should a glass item come into the pool and be broken to where it is believed that glass is in the pool, the member in violation will be subject to paying for wiping down the pool after it is drained, the cost of water to refill the pool, and estimated missed visitor entry fees.  
* NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are allowed except on designated adult nights.

* Skateboards and Heelys are not permitted on the grounds.

* The pools will be evacuated 15 minutes prior to closing time to allow members to dry off and gather their things in time for closing.

* Members must accompany guests on the premises.
* Please register your guests and pay the appropriate fee(s).
* You are responsible for any damage caused to the pool area or equipment by your guests.

                               $5.00  Mondays
   $7.00  Tuesdays - Fridays
 $8.00  Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays
 $5.00 After 5PM every day

*Children 2 and under are free
Guest passes are available for purchase at the Pool Office. For a fee of $100 each, a member family may purchase a Guest Pass good for 20 visits to the pool during the current summer season. All guests must be accompanied by a primary member of the pool.

No one fourteen (14) years of age and under will be permitted in the diving area or 5-foot section of the pool unless he/she has passed the pool test or has proof of passing level 4 of Red Cross instuction. This rule applies to members and guests. The Pool Manager, Assistant Manager, and swiming instructors are the only individuals who can supervise the pool test.




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